Outcasts & Angels

Miscellaneous Productions presents

THE REENA PROJECT/ Outcasts & Angels


THE REENA PROJECT / Outcasts & Angels was a series of interdisciplinary arts events made in memory of Reena Virk, a Saanich BC teenager who was swarmed and murdered by a group of other teens in 1993.
Outcasts & Angels, a part of the same series, was a journey through the “phat” side of teen life in Richmond, BC, in which young people from the community explored the troubling contemporary issues of bullying, violence and discrimination. This roving, site-specific performance began and ended at the Gateway Theatre and travelled to six local sites that have cultural significance to teens in Richmond, BC.
The creative team for these pieces included producer, writer, and director Elaine Carol and co-producer and co-director Jules Rochielle. The works were written and choreographed by the performance crew, including: Alexandra Billingham-Tessier, Catherine Chiu, Adam Dunfee, Namrita Hayer, Lecayle Hubert, Bryan Krahn, Kaoru Matsushita, Danielle Ow, Jessica Phillips, Shayne Reilly and Emina Skrijelj . Musical accompaniment was by Kaoru Matsushita on keyboards and Rachel Meloche on flute.
The production team included: production manager and technical director Brian Heath; period costume designers Rebekka Sorensen and Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh; contemporary costumes designer Jennifer Kongpreecha; and project coordinator Louise Croft. The video documentary of The Reena Project was produced and directed by Jules Rochielle. Original music was composed by Loud. Props were designed by Jules Rochielle and lighting and sound design were by Bill Davey and Brian Heath.
Photography provided by Daniel Collins.

Sponsors & Community Partners

Gateway Theatre, City of Richmond through the Richmond Arts Centre, Rumble Productions and Richmond Women’s Resource Centre; and our many generous individual donors.