In Loving Memory

MISCELLANEOUS Productions honours the memory of three exceptional individuals whose support for and contributions to our mission will continue to resonate for years to come.
They are:

Eric Wong

July 11, 1952 – May 26, 2022
Eric was a fourth-generation Canadian who was born, attended school, worked and lived in the City of Vancouver.
From Simon Fraser Elementary School, to his years as a teacher and multicultural education consultant with the Vancouver School Board, and as a faculty associate with the University of British Columbia, much of Eric’s life was spent in British Columbia’s education system. He volunteered with many organizations, including the Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS (ASIA); the B.C. Association for Community Living; the British Columbia Multicultural Education Society; the Law Foundation of British Columbia; SUCCESS (United Chinese Community Enrichment Services Society); the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre; and the Vancouver Recovery Club.
After leaving the Vancouver School Board in 1988, Eric taught at the Faculty of Education at U.B.C. before joining the City of Vancouver as a consultant/trainer with the Employment Equity Office in 1989. From 1990 to 1994 he was the manager of training and programs with the City of Vancouver’s Hastings Institute.
Later, self-employed as an anti-racism, diversity and human rights consultant, Eric worked for a wide variety of organizations, including: the B.C. Hospital Employees’ Union; the B.C. Human Rights Commission; the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development; the B.C. Workers’ Compensation Board; the Canadian Department of Justice; and the Squamish Band Social Development Office. The founders of MISCELLANEOUS Productions Society met with Eric in January 2001 to enlist him as the company’s resident diversity consultant. They knew instantly that he was the man for the job – he had a deep understanding of the company’s community-engaged art, its quest to be used as a tool to empower and give a strong voice to culturally and socially representative youth, how crucial it was to craft clear messages against oppression in performances and films, and how creating compassionate relationships was key to the company’s work.
Eric was paid once for his early work with MISCELLANEOUS Productions’ board and staff, and then he donated back every fee for the following 21 years of this foundational work.
Working with the company’s youth and professionals on issues of diversity, racism, ableism, homophobia and accentism, Eric supported MISCELLANEOUS Productions in its development and growth and was an enormously positive influence on the youth, as he believed in bringing people together and widening the circle. He taught staff how to listen to youth, build relationships, and how to teach youth who deal with multi-barriers how to tear down those walls with sensitivity and humanity.


September 23, 1995 – March 10, 2014
Born in San Juan Del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico, Astrid was the second of three siblings.  From a very young age she showed interest for acting, and great talent and creativity for all forms of art.
Astrid enjoyed participating in school performances. At the age of six she assisted in choreographing a school dance for a Mother’s Day celebration. She was also an honors student all throughout her elementary and high school years.
At the age of eight Astrid immigrated to Canada with her mother for the chance of a better and safer life. Astrid learned to speak the language and culture of her new country with ease and in an impressively short time.
One of her goals was to become an Immigration lawyer. Her dream was to be able to help those who are seeking a safer life for them and their children.
During her high school years, she was a member of the drama and photography clubs. In her leisure time she liked to participate in cultural and artistic activities. She participated in the filming of a Hallmark production in Mission, BC, and later was also part of the cast of the Marianas Trench music video “Haven’t Had Enough”.
In 2011, Astrid learned of an audition for a play being created with youth and was invited to join the MISCELLANEOUS Productions family. She was cast as Duchess Barkulus in the Hip Hop musical Kutz and Dawgs.
In 2013 Astrid began her first year of college at Douglas College.
At the age of 17, Astrid lost a months-long battle against Lupus, leaving a lasting memory with all who knew and loved her. A bright, kind, and loving soul, she always helped those who needed her and always knew how to brighten the day of those who knew her. It was her every day goal to make the world a better place. Her cheerful, witty and funny personality will forever be missed and she will always be loved.

Susan Pond

May 11, 1939 – June 14, 2019
Born in Vancouver on May 11, 1939, Susan passed on with her family around her on June 14, 2019.
Susan grew up in Vancouver and attended Maple Grove, Point Grey, and Magee public schools. She graduated from UBC with degrees in music and education. A passionate teacher and pre-eminent children’s music educator, she taught first in Dawson Creek, and later in Vancouver at L’Ecole Bilingue, Jules Quesnel and Florence Nightingale, sharing music with hundreds of students. In 1968, Susan married Stephen Pond and they raised their three children in Vancouver. She loved Dunbar Heights United Church, where she directed the choir for many years. Committed to social justice, she was an active member of the NDP, president of her local riding association through multiple provincial elections, and an active member of the teachers’ union. Susan had a keen appreciation of the natural world, and combined art and humour with environmental activism. She made excellent pies for family, friends and fundraisers. Above all, she believed in the goodness in people, and in the importance of being helpful and loving towards others. She was a real friend to many, and particularly to those in need. She lived a life of love in action – an extraordinary life that will continue to touch those of us graced by her presence. Susan leaves a legion of friends; her husband Stephen; her children Ellen (Patricia), Caroline (Alban), and James (Dianne); her step-grandson Malcolm and granddaughters Natasha, Isla and Neve; her brother Cole and his family; and, many beloved cousins. Donations in memory of Susan may be made to First United in Vancouver.
Susan was a dedicated volunteer fundraiser for MISCELLANEOUS Productions, raising thousands for the organization in its early years.
The Susan Pond Music 101 Program for Youth is a series of Music Industry 101 workshops for young people interested in becoming professionals in the music industry. This focused series is for youth in under-served British Columbia communities. The company hopes to share knowledge and resources, and foster connections between musicians, composers and other music industry professionals and marginalized youth who do not otherwise have access to professional arts programming or training, because they live in communities that are chronically under-served in this regard.