MISCELLANEOUS Productions offers free workshops to local youth organizations and secondary schools!

Our 3-6 hour workshops focus on skills in writing, acting, dancing, or a screening of one of our films. Each workshop is structured on the students'/youths' preferences. The goal is to have the youth thinking, acting, and moving in whatever way feels good for them. Our workshops are a low-pressure environment, full of fun ways of creating. MISCELLANEOUS has a commitment to listening and responding authentically to any program participants.

Our next production: International Fairytale and Folklore Project (working title), encourages youth members to bring relevant folklore and/or fairy tales from their own cultures and imaginations to the rehearsal process. To start off this next program, our workshops we will teach local youth to create their own folklore or fairy tales from their own lived experience.

All we need from our community partner is a commitment of ten to twenty-five youth and a space large enough so that students/youth have a place to write, dance, and perform.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please contact Alex Danard at